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03 January 2011 @ 06:05 pm
I don't think i'll ever livejournal again, I just logged in to comment on someone. Um, my facebook is really the only place I post anything anymore so you guys can just....delete me or unsubscribe if you ever had. No one ever read this or I would have probably posted more. If anyone ever need me my email is as follows:

20 August 2010 @ 11:25 am
will happen. I'm just busy with school and facebookin'.
14 May 2010 @ 09:57 am
Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Someone suggested this to me so I decided to go old school and take a peak. Without knowing the characters I lost about 10% of the thrill, but it was still really great to watch. I can see how it must have been popular back when the original aired, they really know how to make things action packed.


Too short, bad characters, plot kind of sucked. I mostly regret watching it.

Toaru Majutsu no Index

This was clearly a well thought out series. Even minor characters are well thought out, and the concept is really great. I love characters with unbeatable powers who also get their butt kicked. It ended sort of abruptly, so i'm really looking forward to seeing more.

Spice And Wolf II

Spice and Wolf I, only more of it. Which is not a bad thing.

Tears To Tiara

Kind of a vague reference to Camelot and King Arthur. It could have been very good, but it wasn't intense enough so i'd call it only ok. My favorite kind of anime is one of domain and power expansion, but in this case they really didn't do anything with their power and just hung out alone on an island. Boring. 

Black Jack

Again I tried to go retro, this series is so widely known so how could it not be good? Well guess what, it wasn't good. It was just surgery after surgery with no real plot development. I'm not really one to watch something if it's not going to go anywhere.

Darker Than Black II

Not even half as good as the first one, and although a very interesting new character was added it didn't make up for what they did to the old ones. Some died, some personalities changed too much, and overall it wasn't worth it. They should have just found a way to continue with the original story. Also the ending was ridiculously dumb.

Eve no Jikan

This was short, but very very good. The idea of robots and humans trying to coexist gave me a tingle, and I eagerly watched each episode to see what would happen. I just wish it was longer, I wouldn't have minded a full series of this. I hope they make more soon....

Junjou Romantica

.......what? I heard it was good. People recommended it to me. Sure it's full of boys love, but the characters and plot are pretty solid. The voice actors are great, and familiar if you know them well enough. Although there are a lot of sex scenes I had to skip through ultimately it was a lot of fun to watch. It's romantic and funny and sometimes sad at the same time. There was a second story arc mixed in that I just plain skipped though. I was into the main characters, not some other plot that kept confusing me. So I feel like I only got to see half a series, oh well it was worth it.

Kino's Journey

I had almost watched this when it premiered but I was too busy with school at the time, so I went back and watched it. It's a very original concept, and it was really interesting to watch. But for my personal tastes, at least for this series, it was far far far too dark. A lot of bad things happened to good people and I really didn't like that.


I actually had read this manga a little before it was an anime, so I was looking forward to seeing this adaption. Unfortunately it wasn't spectacular. The plot was alright and the characters were alright but none of it was really great or anything. The ending was a bit dumb as well.

Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu 2

Just as good as the first, so watch it.

Puchi Puri Yuushi

I don't even know why I downloaded this, but it was worth the time. It was a really cute fairy tale story about princesses, which normally is not my thing, but it had a bit of action and romance to spice things up as well as some comedy. I wouldn't take it as a very serious series but I definitely had fun with it.

Queens Blade

Half nude lesbians with weapons..............yup.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Definitely one of my favorite series of the bunch. It reminded me a lot of Air Master, only it made more sense and had stronger characters. The martial arts masters were all very in depth characters, and the plot was well thought out. Even the side characters were fun to watch (I always laughed when Ziegfried appeared). My only problem with the story was this really annoying guy who pretended to be Kenichi's friend. Besides that it was a really great series, I could have watched another season easily.

Sky Girls

Cute girls fighting monsters with robots, how can that be bad? There was a small plot hole with the main characters brother that didn't really make sense, but overall it was worth the time to watch. I'm glad they kept it short though, I think too many episodes would have killed it.

Skip Beat

Although it sounded really lame when I decided to download it the fact is that this has become one of my favorite series. After I watched the anime I even went and red the next hundred chapters of the manga because I wasn't satisfied. Each character is memorable, each episode is good, and the plot is extremely original and well thought out. If I only had to watch one of these again i'd make it Skip Beat. The worst part is that I downloaded the soundtrack and all the good songs are by that bastard Fuwa Shou.......
08 March 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Aaaaah ok so i've been a little bit busy adjusting to college life. Dealing with roommates and new classes and things that I never dreamed of like...snow, it's just a lot to do. As I had feared you can't download a lot here, so it's hard to watch any new anime. Luckily I downloaded about a dozen series before I came so in the immediate i'm ok. I finally had some time this weekend and I really needed an anime fix so I knocked out two at once.

Azumanga Daioh

The precursor to Lucky Star, it's something i've been meaning to watch for years. I finally decided to take the leap, and i'm very happy I did. I had heard vague rumors about Chiyo and Osaka's adorableness, but I did not expect what I got. This entire series was a lot of fun to watch and, the plot lines are a bit more meaningful compared to Lucky Star (at least some times). It can be slow just like Lucky Star, but again I was able to get through it. I admit though, especially by the end, I think I completely and utterly fell in love with Sakaki...she's.....SO cute!!!! just give her a cat and enjoy.

Nyan Koi

So the description of this series sounded interesting enough, a man allergic to cats is cursed to help them. Sounded great, looked drawn well, and I must say it was a very good series. However I did not expect it to be SUCH a harem anime!!! This guy ends up with....I think seven our eight girls who like him. It's a really cute series, and the character design on this is fantastic. I mean, even some of the cats you only see once or twice are more interesting than you'd expect. The girls are: The sweet silly type, the tall dominant type, the dark loli types, the older but helpless type, and a somewhat manly but feminine gangster type. They're all VERY interesting and you'll wonder how he's going to decide between them, I can't wait for the next season!

...and for the record, i'd choose Kanako.
06 February 2010 @ 07:00 pm
So i've been trying to save all the anime i've been downloading, but...I mean come on I HAVE to watch anime. So I checked these out.
Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

ABOUT TIME!!! I mean really I was dying for another No Naku Koro Ni series. This one isn't as bloody as Higurashi, but it's a lot more interesting and I truly love every character! It's in a very similar format as Higurashi, which means there's going to be another season that actually makes sense out of it all. Until then...i'm kind of screwed. However I still highly recommend it, it's fun and exciting and with just the right amount of blood. ;D

Summer Wars

Well this was a movie that someone suggested, and normally I don't watch anime movies (they are too short for me to get into) but this was a REALLY good two hours of my life. It almost feels like it could have been a short series because it's packed with characters that you'll find to be interesting. I recommend it to all of you. It starts a little slow, but I promise it picks up fast and it's really fun.
02 January 2010 @ 02:01 am
So here's the situation, i'm moving to my new school next month (dorm rooms, get to see snow, lots of new books to read yay), but here's the major problem. Due to certain LEGAL issues the school I am going to has a network that supposedly does not allow for file sharing. For now i'm working under that assumption and trying desperately to fill my external hard drive with enough anime to basically get me through the next year. So PLEASE suggest series to me, good ones preferable. I would hate to have to stream everything...ick.

16 December 2009 @ 03:08 pm

So I finally got around to Prince Of Tennis, and it took me a few weeks to get through it. I kind of wish I had seen this a little sooner when I was more irresponsible with my money, then i'd have a nice Seigaku jersey in my closet. 178 episodes long with limited filler and really amazing specials (Tenipuri Family is full of win). Each character is well thought out and amazing, it's really hard to pick a favorite (I heart Inui though), and the matches are all fun to watch. I mean like really, I think if I saw tennis on i'd actually watch it now. This is a really long and really interesting series, I highly suggest you watch it if you haven't less. I've heard it called DBZ but with tennis, however in actuality it's much better than that. Check it out!!

14 December 2009 @ 01:51 am
Honestly i've completely forgotten that this thing is for something other than anime, I usually just facebook everything else. But it is still good to have this as a reference, I still like to remember when I did stuff. So a couple weeks ago I visited new york to check out a school I had applied to, and Friday I got the call that I got in. So in a couple months i'll be moving to New York and be going to school for a few years.....i'm not sure if this will help or hurt my anime watching.

30 November 2009 @ 04:05 pm

So I was on the net doing my business and I found this clip of two very sexy girls fighting so naturally I said "I have to know what this is!". My search led me to Canaan and I was actually more interested in the story than the fighting girls. It's not very long, and although interesting it's not extremely deep so you can be in and out of it without much trouble. It has some really interesting characters, I definitely recommend it.